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"Design with Purpose"

Our mission is based on ‘Ikigai’: a Japanese philosophy which states that everyone has a purpose – a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

“At our agency, we are committed to helping brands achieve their marketing and advertising goals, no matter how ambitious they may seem. We thrive on the opportunity to serve our clients and help them succeed.”

Our goal is to assist you in refining your online presence and increasing your audience. We are dedicated to helping our clients transform their businesses through strategic insights and competitive solutions that address their challenges and support their business objectives. We are committed to driving business growth and success for our clients.


Who we are

We specialize in creating & Implementing practical Business strategies

Leading Diferently

we offer a comprehensive range of services that cover everything from planning to execution.

Expert Advisor

Expert advise assists you in making data-driven decisions on how to efficiently allocate your marketing budget and time.

Customer Experience

We construct websites and branding materials that deliver a superior and unique customer experience, resulting in exceptional performance.


Redefine your future business performance

We understand that engineering a relationship with the customer requires a delicate balance of trust, confidence, affinity, familiarity, and beauty. These elements play a critical role in influencing buying decisions and can make the difference between success and failure.

Our team has experience working with a wide range of companies, including those in government transportation and infrastructure, food and beverage, financial institutions, consumer packaged goods, electronics, and more.

We have successfully executed strategic brand development for over 50 companies around the world at any stage of the company lifecycle – whether it’s a startup, corporate spin-off, new product release, or enterprise refresh. Our focus is on driving growth for our clients.


Design with Purpose

We Execute The Strategy & Create Tangible Solutions

Effective digital marketing requires a strategic approach that takes into account the unique needs and characteristics of your business, regularly track and analyze the results of your campaigns. By leveraging the power of digital marketing, you can effectively reach and engage with customers online.

Building a solid brand takes time and effort, requiring a deep understanding of your target audience, competitors, and the market. It requires consistently implementing and updating your branding strategy to achieve your desired results. We can create a successful brand that resonates with your target audience and drives business growth.

A well-designed website is crucial for businesses and organizations of all sizes. It can help you attract and retain customers, establish credibility and trust, and effectively communicate your brand and value proposition. If you’re considering working with Ikigai Group for your website design needs, ask about their process, pricing and packages.

Our goal is to assist you in refining your Brand presence and increasing your audience. We are dedicated to helping our clients transform their businesses Branding, web design and even traditional marketing initiatives to help address their challenges and support their business objectives.

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Years of Experience

Detailed Targeting

Convey the right message to the right audience and you have a winning strategy.

Brand Measurement

Adopt & improve brand perception strategy using data from our expert brand measurement techniques

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accelerate growth, build brand value, and achieve market

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking to learn more about Ikigai Group and our services? Check out our frequently asked questions below for more information.

Our agency provides services primarily focusing on web design and development, branding, social media marketing, and advertising. Additionally, we offer content marketing, search engine optimization, graphic design, and motion graphics services to support our clients’ needs.

We take pride in delivering top-notch digital marketing and web design services promptly. Typically, our websites are completed within 4 to 8 weeks, and we only take on new projects when we can dedicate ourselves to them fully. We never add projects to a queue, so you can be sure your project will receive our full attention.

As a leading web design agency, we offer tailored e-commerce website design and development services. In addition, we specialize in optimizing and building websites on both Shopify and WordPress platforms.

Our team comprises 3 web designers with expertise in User Experience and User Interface, 5 web developers, 4 branding specialists, and 3 members in other areas.

As a renowned branding agency, we provide comprehensive branding packages. Our branding services are divided into four categories: branding research and strategy, brand identity, brand visual identity, and corporate identity. The brand visual identity package, which is our most popular, includes logo design, colour palette and typography, and visual guidelines. Please get in touch with us for a detailed proposal.

Our branding package pricing varies based on the specific services you require. For example, simple logo design packages start at $600, while comprehensive branding packages may cost over $15,000. Contact us to discuss your branding needs and receive a personalized quote.

At the moment, we can offer in-person consultations at our headquarters in Toronto, Canada, remotely. However, our other locations are currently only available for remote consultations.

We cater to both B2B and B2C businesses, including small start-ups and established companies.

As an award-winning web design and branding agency based in Toronto, Canada, we primarily serve North American clients and operate internationally.

Each project is assigned a dedicated account manager, a head designer, and a strategist (if required). The head designer and strategist will collaborate with our team of award-winning web designers and branding specialists to handle the specifics.

Our marketing and web design agency, recognized for its excellence, offers tailored solutions utilizing diverse platforms. Our proficient web designers are adept in crafting websites on multiple platforms, including WordPress, Webflow, Wix, Squarespace, and others.

When it comes to corporate website design, integrating third-party platforms is often essential. The most frequent integration is a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Our designers have experience integrating popular CRMs like Hubspot, Pardot, Salesforce, and Marketo to meet your business requirements. As a result, we can create a customized solution or marketing funnel for your business while ensuring a seamless user experience. Our designers are located in the GTA and possess the expertise to integrate all these elements.

Contact us today and receive a detailed proposal within hours after your consultation! Then, let’s start working together!

Providing creative ideas for your business

Dominate The Competition…

With the Ikigai Group on your side – we will help you dominate every central sales channel from Facebook/Instagram to TikTok ads. This means you can sit back and do what you love – focus on new products, new artwork, the Metaverse, improve the branding and reach out to loyal customers.